Facilitating The Wedding Occasion

In Al-Qur’an, letter Al-Qashash: 23-27 explained that the meeting between woman and man is facilitating the occasion for wedding. The dalil told:

Musa a.s met two girls. Finally Allah facilitated the way for Musa to marry with one of the girl, Allah said “ And the time when he arrived at the water source of the land Madyan he met a group of people is giving drink their cattle, and he met in their back of people the two woman was persuing their cattle. Musa a.s said: ‘What do you mean (with doing like that)?’ The two woman answered: ‘We don’t give drink (our cattle) before the shepherds carry out (the cattle), precisely our father is parent who is going to be old. So Musa gave drink the cattle for (helping) them, and then he back to the protect place and prays: 

‘Oh Allah, actually I really need something good that You gave me.’Then one of them comes to Musa with a shamy and said: ‘Actually my father called you for reciprocate for your (goodness) giving drink for our (cattle). So when Musa comes to his father (Syu’aib) and tell him the story (about him) Syu’aib said: ‘Don’t you afraid. You are saved from the tyrant. ‘One of the two woman said: ‘Yeah, daddy. Take him for our helper, because actually the good people that you took for working (with us) is the stronger and can be believed. ‘Syu’aib said: ‘Actually I meant to marry you with one of my daughter, because of you work with me for about 8 years and if you have enough 10 years, so that’s something goodness from you, so I won’t to trouble you. And InsyaAllah you will get me from the good people.” (Al-Qashash: 23-27).

The Wedding Occasion

In the other story,  facilitating the wedding occasion also taken from the story Rasulullah SAW.  got Juwairiyah. At the time, Rasulullah SAW. admired her and offered to marry with him, as explained in this story:

“From Nafi said that Prophet SAW. ever attacked Bani Mushthaliq. They are falling asleep while giving drink to their cattle in the water source of the land. He killed them who attrack and subdued who are not follow to fight in, there is Juwairiyah (binti Harist; Prophet  got and married her).” (from Bukhari and Muslim)(89).

In Abu Daud’s history said, Aisyah told that Juwairiyah came to Prophet SAW. asking for marrying her (the promise for independent). Rasulullah SAW. said: “Do you want better than me?” Juwairiyah asked: “What it was, Oh Rasulullah?” Rasul SAW. answered: “I pay cash your khitbah and marry you.” Juwairiyah said: “You did that.” (90)

The man met with Shafiyah and marry her with Rasulullah SAW., Rasulullah SAW. received and marry her, as the history said:

“From anas… is said that came a man to the Prophet saw., then he said: ‘Oh Prophet, I give to Dihyah (a friendship who is following the war) Shafiyah Binti  Huyay, a well-knonw woman from Bani Quraizhah and Nauhir? She is not matched except with you. ‘And in a history is told: ‘And has told to the Prophet about the beauty of Shafiyah.”(91) And in a history told: 

“They praised Shafiyah next to Rasulullah saw. and said that we never see in the jail the beauty like her.(92) Prophet said: ‘Call and ask Dihyah here along with Shafiyah!’ And then Dihyah came with Shafiyah. After Rasulullah saw Shafiyah and the told to Dihyah: ‘You could take another woman! ‘Anas said: ‘Then Prophet saw. liberated Shafiyah and married her.” (From Bukhari and Muslim)

And that’s how the meeting within man and woman which is protected by respectful of religion that usually having a good thing. Between the result is marry. In the other way, if there is a devirgence from the respectful of religion, something will happen, that is a collapsing and sin. Na’udzubillahi min dzalik !.

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